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Privacy Policy

this Privacy Policy explains how information is collected, used, and disclosed by the enterprise, EDVERSA (collectively, “EDVERSA,” “we” or “us”), via the website, services, or other interactions with us (collectively, “Services”). this Privacy Policy also describes choices around personal information with the enterprise.

anyone is permitted to read this Privacy Policy.

by accessing and/or using the Services, users acknowledge that they must comply with the Privacy Policy.

our Privacy Policy protects the safety of our users.

we do not expect to disclose user information to others and/or without direct consent.

we reserve the right to report anyone and/or anything that endangers any of our users.

users can review the Privacy Policy from time to time to be informed about the particulars.

Privacy Policy Particulars

we reserve the right to update the Particulars of this Privacy Policy.

anyone can review them from time to time, as they could change as Services are added or improved.